2019 Mar 29     
2 Bit Thugs

The duo from Kiel serve up a four-tracker on Crosstown Rebels that's found a fan in Danny Slade

Hailing from Kiel in northern Germany, Fritz Wagner and Marc Wolf, AKA Avidus, bring us a four- track EP that serves to showcase their unique sound.

First up is XII itself, which begins with a rolling tribal drum loop, then brings in an ominous vocal pad which is joined by an orchestral string pad as the breakdown begins. The breakdown consists of deep string stabs and a brass section which plays a melody of its own, and the whole track is very atmospheric and thought-provoking. Next we have Psalm 23, which has a deep, crisp sound and an extremely meaty low end. Dark synths and chanted male/female vocals give it a foreboding fee, which is accentuated by snapping claps that add drama and suspense. 

The darkness continues with the third track Lux, as sparse percussion and an acidic bass synth riff set the mood until, just as you think that this is going to be another sombre composition, a warm organ melody is played which brings light to the track and sounds great against the morphing acidic bassline. It changes the feel of the whole track and brings a much needed lightness to the proceedings. Finally you have Revenge Of The Whales [Avidus Crosstown Rework], a more experimental cut with synth-generated whale song as the main sound over a ticking percussive soundbed. It has a very dramatic feel and finishes off a very individual-sounding EP in style.

This is a bold release that doesn't follow the pack in any way and is individual and innovative. My favourite track is Lux – it has a warmth to it that's truly uplifting and heartfelt.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 29 March



Review Score: 8




Tags: Avidus, Crosstown Rebels, techno