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Back for 2016: 'King Of The Beats'

Aphrodite's old skool jump-up classic gets a 21st Century refix

2016 Apr 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Four new mixes plus, somewhat confusingly, a re-recording of the original

These days, the world of drum & bass is a many-hued and at times confusing melee of sounds and styles, from neurofunk to half-time. But that wasn't always the case. Back in the late 90s, for instance, you pretty much had a choice of 'intelligent' D&B à la Bukem, the nascent sound of tech-step or the wind-up-yer-waist, party-hearty stylings of (original) jump-up. And sitting pretty at the top of the jump-up tree were Aphrodite and Mickey Finn's Urban Takeover label.

And now, one of the label's biggest-selling and best-loved tunes is getting a 2016 refix, marking the fact that it's been (unbelievably) 20 years since it first dropped. King Of The Beats now comes with new mixes from Aphrodite himself (x2) and Levela, who takes the track in a harder, more contemporary jump-up direction. There's also, just to confuse matters, a re-recording of the original... which may or may not have something to do with this version being credited simply to DJ Aphrodite, where the original was credited to Amazon II (ie, Aphrodite and partner-in-crime Tony B).

We could wax lyrical and analyse the micro-differences between the rubs but we think we'll just let you get on with listening to it. Best put your cup of tea, can of lager or collection of very fragile glass ornaments down first, though, because research has shown that when that bassline drops, sitting still is a 100% scientific impossibility. Fact.

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