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Something is melodic in the state of Denmark

2018 Apr 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Meet Danish duo Baime, who are starting to make some serious waves in melodic techno/progressive house circles right now

Baime are the Danish duo of Mikael Melander and Jens Christian Nørgaard. The two first met at Sonar in 2015 and, after DJing and working together in the studio a few times, made their partnership official the following year.

Based in Copenhagen, the pair both have their own solo careers: Mikael is a long-standing member of the party collective CPH Deep (which now also includes Jens), while Jens runs the Blindfold Recordings label. But as Baime, they're rapidly carving out a reputation for themselves with deep, proggy, melodic productions that sit right on the house/techno cusp. Their very first single, The Damned, went Top 20 on Beatport's deep house chart. If you're a fan of the likes of Solomun or Ripperton, there's a fair chance you're going to like Baime's music, too.

The pair's latest single, Forgiven, is out now on Jens' Blindfold imprint. So with surprisingly little information out there about them yet, we figured we'd grab 'em for a quick chat...

Let's start right at the beginning: how long have the two of you been working together, and how did you come to meet?

"Officially it's been two years and a bit now, but we had DJ'd together and had a few studio sessions before that. We met at a Kölsch Q&A at Sonar Denmark back in 2015, and have been hanging out ever since. Mikael needed a new place to stay so he moved in. We are pretty close and it does have a clear advantage living together. Jens joined the party collective CPH Deep, which Mikael was a part of, and we haven’t looked back since."

How does your partnership work - who does what, in the studio and/or the DJ booth?

"In the studio, Mikael tends to start up on the tracks and then most of the time we go in the studio to do the final part together. In the DJ booth, we try to keep it playful and we almost never prepare our sets together - that makes it more interesting for us when we DJ. That said, our taste in music is really similar, so it’s not like we bring totally different stuff that doesn't fit together.

"We both started DJing in the early 2000s so we prefer challenging each other. It makes for a more interesting set both for us, and most importantly for the crowd. We play for the crowd and try not to be too focused on streamlining the sets too much. We prefer this ourselves when we go out, because it can get a bit boring listening to the same groove and BPM for hours.

"Being music fans, DJs and producers for so many years is a clear strength. We like playing older tracks that might have been forgotten, and it always brings a smile from the crowd."

Your biography says "the melodic sound of techno is their main musical character". Any thoughts on Beatport recently adding a Melodic House & Techno category? Will it help you sell more records, or do you risk ending up in a musical ghetto?

"Not really sure if we will sell any more records because of it. We like that it makes it easier to find our music, but at the same time it might make DJs become even bigger genre snobs, if that makes sense. Back in the day there weren’t as many genres, or rather they were all bundled closer together, which meant more people were exposed to more different music.

"So we're not really sure if it will be a good or bad thing yet, but hopefully it will be for the better! At least it helps shine a light on more 'niche' genres and artists, and makes it easier to find them."

Speaking of Beatport, your debut single The Damned hit the Deep House Top 20. How did that feel?

"It felt really great! It was the first original release from us and also on our own label, so we had never imagined that the track would get that big, and get played by Sasha and other big names. We feel that it had a big impact on us as artists, making us work harder and spend more hours in the studio."

You both have several other projects ongoing outside of Baime. Can you tell us a bit about them?

"We run a club here in Copenhagen called IG60. The concept is a little special because our guest never knows the line-up of the night before they come to the club. Sometimes we have big names like Frankey and Sandrino, Dave DK and Sebastian Leger, other nights we have smaller, unknown names from Denmark and around Europe.

"Other then the club we organise a lot of off-venue parties with our crew CPH Deep. We just had a Katermukke showcase with Dirty Doering, Nicone and Miyagi."

The Forgiven EP is out now. If you had to review it for iDJ, how would you describe the two tracks?

"Mysterious, melodic, dark and made for dancing! It’s hard to review your own music, but these tracks have been lying around for a while and now we finally decided to release them as a EP because we think they really fit each other."

Finally, what else is going on in Baime's world right now that iDJ readers need to know about?

"We're currently preparing our new live set. That premieres at this year’s Roskilde Festival, and then hopefully we can make a tour with it afterwards. So many hours are being spent in the studio at the moment!"

Words: Russell Deeks

Baime's Forgiven EP is out now on Blindfold Recordings. Buy it here

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