2018 Jul 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Russian producer Baltimore comes to Fade To Funk

Moscow-based DJ/producer Baltimore Chop may be a newcomer to the deep house scene, with barely a handful of releases to his name. Kent-based label Fade To Funk may be a tender 15 releases old. But together, they've come up with a belter of an EP here.

Up first is 42 Dolla itself, which takes its name from the vocal sample (I'm guessing from a movie?) that is its main hook - a Chinese woman saying "You like, I give you 42 dollar..." to which a second voice replies, incredulously, "What?". This sample is chopped and looped pretty much continously atop a laidback deep house groove made up of slo-mo shufflin' drums, languid chords, a mournful guitar lick and just a hint of flute. The EP's other original Side Effect comes next, a slightly more uptempo affair with whomp-y kicks, an extended male spoken vocal sample, fluttery keys and more of that six-string tristesse.

Then we come to the remixes, which are supplied by a brace of the scene's better known names. Khillaudio (AKA Gents & Dandy's head honcho Bram De Bruyn) pumps up the title track considerably, plumping for more straight-ahead 4/4s, an increased tempo and garage-y keys while applying the vocal more sparingly. Fade To Funk boss Jeff Fader then supplies us with his Minute Steak Remix of Side Effect, which again is a tad pacier than the original and which foregrounds lingering effected chords and a cheeky, nagging synth riff. There are some disco-y, chorused female vox buried deep in the mix here, too.

I'd recommend the originals for post-club/warm-up play and the remixes for floor-burning action, but this is quality stuff all round.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 27 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Baltimore Chop, Fade To Funk, Khillaudio, Jeff Fader, deep house