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Bass in your face, cancer!

138-track 'Touched Bass' album to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support

2016 May 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Big names onboard include The Hacker, Billie Ray Martin, Si Begg, Lee Coombs, John Tejada and more

Cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Support will (hopefully) get a financial boost later this month, when new charity compilation Touched Bass goes on sale on 27 May.

The album, which spans many styles of electronic music, is the brainchild of two Bandcamp-based record labels: Touched and Bass Agenda. Touched is a label that specialises in ambient and leftfield electronica, and all Touched releases raise money for Macmillan (the label's full name is actually Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support). Bass Agenda, meanwhile, is a bass music label and radio show headed up by Andy Barton, who explains how the joint compilation project came about.

"Towards the end of 2015, I interviewed Martin Boulton who founded Touched. I was really taken by his story - setting up a label to raise money to thank the nurses that had supported his mum through cancer. He’s done amazing work getting electronic music artists together to make these huge releases, making donating money a no-brainer for music lovers. Over the last few years running Bass Agenda Recordings I've built up contacts with lots of talented people, from a different section of the electronic music community than other Touched releases may have reached. I mentioned the idea of doing a collab release to Martin and within a couple of weeks we’d named it and got approaching 90 artists on board."

The finished compilation now features tracks from a whopping 138 artists producers, including some well-known names like Billie Ray Martin, The Hacker, G-Man, Russ Gabriel, Mark Archer, Mark Broom and Carl Finlow as well as lots of up-and-coming artists. The full list of participating acts can be seen below...

Achim.Bloch, AE35, AECK, AL35510, Amper Clap, Anders Ilar, Andy Clark, Andy Wheddon & Friends, Anodyne, Asher, Bauri, Berk, Billie Ray Martin, Binalog Frequency, Bintus, Body Mechanic & 207737, Canvax, Carbinax, Carl Finlow, Chevron, Chordata, Clatterbox, Commuter, Confutats, Cyan 341, Cygnus, D-Omen, d3, Dark Vector, Darkmode, Das Muster, Datacrashrobot, Datrus, David Morely, Demia E Clash, Detroit's Filthiest, Dexterous Numerics, Dez Williams, DiLATiON, Dmitry Distant, Dr Floyd, Dr Schmidt, Dynarec, Elect Pt 1, Electric Riot, Embryonik, ERP, Escmode, FAH, Five Step Path, Fleck ESC, Franck Kartell, Frank Murder, G-Man, g13ck, Ghostlight, ghostwerk, Groove Slave, IC Band & Eric Bullon, Infinite Scale, Inhuman Designed, ITPDWIP, James Wolfe, Jauzas The Shining, Jay Mass, John Shima, John Tejada, Karen Lust, Kero, Kev Willis, Kik Cryounik, Kretz, Kronos Device, LC5, Larry McCormick, Lectromagnetique, Lee Coombs pres Phazon, Lektroid, Maelstrom, Marco Bernardi, Mark Archer, Mark Broom, Mazzula, Myoptik, Nimbhus, Noamm, Normal, Octal Industries, Ohm, Ontal, Opzio, Paul Blackford, Paul Mac, PL_anet, Plant 43, Popkomm, posthuman, Radical G, Radiotherapy, Rennie Foster, RogueFrequency, Roman Zawodny, Romplex, Rootsix, RRKS, Russ Gabriel/James Mason, Scape One, Scott Robinson, Seldom Seen, Sematic4, Shinra, Si Begg, Skyborg, Slaves Of Sinus, Solipsism, Somatic Responses, Soundex Phonetic, Spectrums Data Forces, Spin Fidelity, Steve Stoll, T//Error, Tetuan Tapes, TFHats, The Exaltics, The Ghost That Walks, The Hacker, The Subdermic, Troubleshooter, Trust The Machine, Tudor Acid, Vertical 67, w1b0, Warsaw Hoolz, Wavefunction, Weakmassive, Will Web.

Touched Bass: A Compilation For Macmillan Cancer Support is out on Bass Agenda on 27 May





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