2018 Jun 29     
2 Bit Thugs

The Berlin-based producer serves up a three-tracker for Voight Recordings

With a big clue in the title as to its sound, Brighton-born and now Berlin-based Rebecca Godfrey, aka BEC, releases this three-track underground techno EP on esteemed German label Voight.

To keep things simple, the tracks are titled Sines & Breaks 01, 02 and 03. First up, quite rightly, is Sines & Breaks 01, which starts with a kick and two pulsing tones, then builds with an ethereal pad, a simple one-note bassline and metallic percussion to a minimal breakdown. The fun really begins after the breakdown, as that's where the breakbeats come in and give the track a real shot of adrenaline.

Sines & Breaks 02 is a more emotional track, with a pad that gets louder and louder in the mix backed by mechanical hi-hats and tizzy ride cymbals. There's a maudlin breakdown, after which breakbeats again come in and bring the track to life. Finally, Sines & Breaks 03 starts with a rolling beat and develops with quirky tuneful bleeps, the odd mini-break and an occasional snare breakbeat, which are a clue to where this track is going. Again there's a breakdown followed by the arrival of breakbeats, which add energy and play to the end of the track.

My favourite track is Sines & Breaks 02, as it's the most emotive and poignant, followed by Sines & Breaks 03 as it's the most unconventional one. It's a good EP, with the only criticism being that more could have been made of the breakbeats, but that's just because I personally love a good breakbeat tune.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 29 June



Review Score: 7




Tags: BEC, Voight Recordings, techno, Rebecca Godfrey