2019 Sep 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Berlin lad Rau returns to his own label for his latest release

Ben Rau returns to his own Inkal label to deliver a fine pair of party-starters that work on different levels.

First up is Out There itself, which starts with a bassline, a conga and a kickdrum. A tizzy hi-hat and other incidental sounds are then added, until we hit the diva vocal which, when served to the right dancefloor, is going to tear the roof off: it's uplifting, soulful and a definite floorfiller. The production is faultless and just little things like the timing of the panning of the vocal are spot on. A solid funky groover that delivers bar after bar. 

The second track is called What Is Love and is less in-your-face than the first. It begins with a thudding kick and a smooth synth, then develops with claps and a tight, punchy bass riff. There's not much else going on, on the surface, but there are clever little sounds being thrown into the mix all the time, while the male vocal slowly repeats “What is love?”. It has a kind of calming effect, and is more of a warmer-upper or a terrace tune than a dancefloor destroyer like the first track.

With two very well-produced tracks that will appeal to different audiences, this EP shows what Ben Rau is capable of and I recommend it highly.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Ben Rau, Inkal, house