2019 Feb 24     
2 Bit Thugs

Harlem Knights and David Kassi get involved on remix duties, too…

Something of a deep house lover's dream here, as Canada's Adel Ghandour (Big Al) teams up with Croatia's Amor & Amir Jashari (Kiano & Below Bangok) for Stockholm's Oh! Records, who get some equally respected names to supply the obligatory remixes.

What we end up with are four mixes in total. The original is a midtempo deep house groover that centres around a nice hefty, lolloping bassline and crisp drums, atop which a male voice intones "you don't understand… you don't know" as various pads, FX, echoes and female vocal fragments reverberate around the soundstage. David Kassi's remix has a smoother, more west coast-y kinda vibe while Harlem Knights (which is Big Al plus Levente Szabo) supply two further rubs, a stripped n' spacey Intro Mix that has 'set opener' written all over it, and a more bumping, floor-friendly Remix wherein some garage-y organ parps make an appearance.

Picking a fave here is a bit superfluous, because none of the mixes are that radically different, if we're being honest. Instead it's simply a case of picking which best suits the floor's current mood, because this is sheer quality whichever you plump for. Proper deep house for those that know!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 22 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Big Al, Adel Ghandour, Kiano & Below Bangkok, Oh! Records, David Kassi, Harlem Knights, Levente Szabo, deep house