2018 Jul 21     
2 Bit Thugs

The Yorkshire house duo come to New Violence Records

New Violence Records welcome Yorkshire-based producers Black & Watky into the fold for a release that features two tracks accompanied by a remix apiece from Kreature and Kinnerman.

First up is the Original Mix of the title track People, which starts with a kick, closed hi-hat and clap. A tense one-note string line takes us up to the introduction of a funky bassline and a vocal sample saying “people.” There are also an acidic lead line, a ride cymbal and the occasional riser, and the track is a thoroughly funky groover. The remix by Kreature uses the same one-note string line and a long, building percussive intro to a mini-break, then brings sci-fi laser shots and a picked guitar line. This mix is more laidback than the Original and would work for warm up or terrace plays.

The second track, Take Control, starts with a guttural chant and develops with intricate percussion and the word “control” repeated over and over, taking you to a riser and into the main body of the track which has panned bleeps, moaned female vocals, snare rolls and large slabs of sound, giving it strong dancefloor appeal. Finally the Kinnerman Remix has a long, simple percussive intro which leads you up to a super-funky bassline and breakbeat with moaned female vocals and a dubby feel.

All four are crowd-friendly forays into house. They'll work at different times of the day/night, three being uptempo and one more chilled, but all are equally effective when it comes to getting their groove on.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 20 July



Review Score: 8




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