2021 Jan 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Mexican label mINT bring us a three-tracker from Argentinean producer Bloh

Here's a deep tech record that's worth checking whether you normally consider yourself a 'deep tech' fan or not.

The problem of course is that, like minimal and tech-house before it, 'deep tech' is another genre term that really just describes a fusion of (or hinterland between) existing forms; like minimal and tech-house before it, it's also a term that's become quite en vogue and so starts to get over-used. At least half of the 'deep tech' promos in my inbox would have been labelled 'minimal' a few years ago, for instance, or 'dub techno' a few years before that. That's not true here, though, because while the promo for the Elite 090 EP may be labelled 'deep tech/minimal', it sounds a hell of a lot like deep house to me!

Twitchy-glitchy post-minimal deep house, if you like. But deep house all the same, because the three tracks showcased here have 'da funk' in a way that most of the records mentioned above can only dream of. Elite 090 itself gets the ball rolling, foregrounding a rounded, resonant bassline and trippy, chime-like synth sounds as the drums twitch away beneath. Mega then comes on like a mid-00s Berlin minimal darling trying their hand at deep NJ garage – check out those organ and Rhodes (?) licks – before the EP's completed by Aliens, which is pretty much your standard-issue dubbbed-out 3am deep houser. Something that's never a problem round these 'ere parts.

So let's not just worry about genres, eh? And let's just call these three deep, sinuous electronic groovers that'll make sitting down in the club that little bit harder.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 11 January


Review Score: 8




Tags: Bloh, Elite 090 EP, mINT, I Want Music, Raul Figueroa, deep tech, deep house, minimal