2017 May 14     
2 Bit Thugs

Spanish producer Andrés Boned is here to shake that ass that doesn't shake...

You can always rely on Scott Harrington and Ryan Briggs's City Soul Recordings to come up with the traditional-style house vibes, and they don't disappoint with this most recent release.

Spanish producer Andrés Boned, AKA Bonetti, is the man at the controls, serving up a cut that's very aptly titled, because Diggin' That Groove really ain't nuthin' BUT a groove. More specifically, it's a lolloping, discofied groove centred around a full-phat bassline, which is augmented by chanted vox, handclaps and random whoops. There are two mixes to choose from, an Original and a City Soul Project Remix, but TBH the two don't vary that much, the main difference being that the Original has quite a freeform, jazzy breakdown towards the end of the track, while Scott and Ryan's rub brings that forward and then adds some frantically tinkling, lounge-y ivories.

There's been a marked resurgence of disco- and funk-flavoured house styles of late. Reminiscent as it is of Sara Parker's fat-assed mid-90s classic My Love Is Deep, not to mention the early work of Hustlers Convention/Full Intention, this is but one more example - albeit a particularly bright, spangly and irresistible one!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 12 May



Review Score: 8




Tags: City Soul Recordings, Bonetti, City Soul Project, Scott Harringon, Ryan Briggs, Andrés Boned, disco-house, funk