2018 Feb 23     
2 Bit Thugs

You can get the A-side from Beatport, while the B-side's only available on Traxsource

An intriguing release here, because although these two tracks are being promoted as an EP, and are both being released on the same day, one track is available through Beatport and the other through Traxsource. But we don't care for such frivolities - we just care if it's any good or not!

First up is Mess With The Freak, which is a play on words as the lyric is actually saying “messing with the frequencies.” The track itself has a percussive intro, then the vocal is added, followed by the bassline, and as the lyrics suggest there are some truly essed-up sounds in the mix! It's one of those tracks that really comes alive at high volumes, when you can hear the subtle frequency changes, especially in the middle of the track.

The second track, Hurry Up, starts with a kick, hi-hat and clap, before a meatier kick is added along with a funky, punchy bassline. As the track develops, there are some more messed-up frequencies and stabs of sound that are joined by a female vocal saying “you better hurry up baby,” which is repeated throughout and cut up so it occasionally says just “baby” repeatedly. It's funkier than the first track - so immediately wins points with me - and actually has more messed-up frequencies, too.

So, an interesting release for many reasons, and one that's already picking up Radio 1 plays for Mess With The Freak. Personally I prefer Hurry Up, but both are well worth checking out, even if you do have to hit up different download portals to do so.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 23 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Brett Gould, Glasgow Underground