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BT and Spitfire Audio create BT Phobos

New soft synth with a strong emphasis on sound design

2017 Apr 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Brian Transeau dreamed up BT Phobos as a tool for soundtrack composition

UK music software developers Spitfire Audio have teamed up with renowned producer and soundtrack composer Brian Transeau (AKA simply BT) to create BT Phobos, a new synthesizer plug-in with decidedly epic inclinations.

BT Phobos is described as a "polyphonic convolution synthesizer... lending itself to writing cinematic electronic, epic and hybrid compositions". We'll let them explain in a little more detail...

"BT Phobos is a soft synth based on the unexplored precept of polyconvolution as a synthesis engine. What that means is instead of using convolution - an algorithm that creates a simulation of an audio environment - for reverb, or modelling an amplifier’s distortion circuit, why not make a ‘reverb’ impulse response tonal? BT did just that, and in doing so found that combining something rhythmical with something tonal (as an impulse response) yielded some of the most modern, liquid and percolating responses he had ever encountered - exactly the kind of sounds he had been searching for while scoring music for films and games."

Still scratching your head? Perhaps this video will help...


BT Phobos includes 22.9GB of uncompressed WAV audio and comes as an AAX/AU/VST/VST3 plug-in, at the introductory price of £209, rising to £269 after 27 April. For full details, see






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