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Carl Cox is taking PURE to the US

Stripped-back club night makes its debut in NYC on 15 June

2019 Apr 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Coxy's guests will be Josh Wink, Worthy and PURE regular Eric Powell

As most iDJ readers will no doubt be aware, Carl Cox has been spending a lot of his time Down Under of late, where among other enterprises he's been running PURE, a club night with a back-to-basics ethos and not a glitter cannon in sight.

And how he's taking that concept to the US first time. Joining him at Brooklyn Mirage on 15 June will be Josh Wink and Worthy, plus Eric Powell, who along with Richie McNeill has been onboard with PURE since the start.

"PURE was created with one message and that is to get back to basics," says the hype sheet. "As festivals tried to one up each other with LEDs, lasers, confetti cannons and an almost obscene amount of production, it seemed that the music and the DJs were almost an afterthought. More phones recording moments than people actually experiencing them is a terrible waste of what should be one of the best nights of your life. It's time to put the phones away, close your eyes, and let the DJ in again."

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (9 April) at 11am EST. For further information, click here.





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