2016 Feb 23     
2 Bit Thugs

Let Canadian producer Michael Silver take you on a cosmic musical journey around the globe

Michael Silver is CFCF, a man with a gift for a melody. He continually delivers timeless music, as he has here for International Feel. This, the second in International Feel’s mini-album series On Vacation, is an album inspired by places and spaces - some imaginary, some real. The keen sense of melody allows CFCF to switch genres throughout this release and shows him in clear analogue organic territory.

Think mellow, downtempo music but above all, think Balearic and cosmic, transcending an array of genres, moods and direction. While listening to (and thoroughly enjoying) this release, in an imaginary world I’ve travelled to Tokyo, St Tropez, Croatia and most definitely the Balearics. That said, on reflection some of these tracks could easily soundtrack dramatic and romantic scenes in a movie, too.

In a world where music is easily accessible from all directions, good, bad and terrible, it’s great to know International Feel only cherry-picks the very best.

Release date: 19 February

Words: Pathaan


Review Score: 10




Tags: chill-out, downtempo, cosmic, Balearic, Michael Silver, CFCF, International Feel