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Check out this new EP from Andy BSK

Hardgroove techno all the way from Slovakia

2016 Sep 24     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Wyrus, DJ Brutec and Norman Andretti AKA Quarill

Just released on Germany's KickMaSomaAss Records is the Back To The Roots EP, an EP from Slovakian producer Andy BSK that showcases the underground sound of hardgroove techno perfectly.

The term 'hardgroove' has been kicking around for a few years now, but to our ears there's nothing particularly new about the style... there's always been a place in the techno world for slammin', fast-paced 4/4s served with a hefty dose of funk. Just ask Carl Cox, or the late great Tony De Vit! All the same, in a techno climate dominated by cold, clinical Berlin-style soundscapes, hardgroove comes as a welcome breath of fresh air.

Andy BSK hails from the small Slovakian town of Vl'ky Krtis, and grew up listening to the likes of U-96, Westbam and 2 Unlimited. He's been producing music since he was a teenager, initially on an Amiga, and has been releasing records since 2007, first as Andy B and latterly as Andy BSK. As you'll hear below, his original mix of Back To The Roots has something of a mid-90s feel, with synths that nod to psy-trance and hard house-style vocal cut-ups. It's a track that would have fitted right in during the glory days of Trade. Elsewhere on the EP, Wyrus's remix ditches the synths and goes for the jugular with juggernaut tribal rhythms, DJ Brutec injects a little Ariel-esque Latin flava while Norman Andretti AKA Quarill takes us down a darker, peaktime path.

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Like that? Then find KickMaSomaAss Records on Facebook or at their own website. You can find Andy BSK on Facebook too, while if you want to know more about hardgroove generally then Hardgroove Lovers is a good place to start. Look out also for a KickMaSomaAss compilation album, coming in November.





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