2019 Dec 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Two UK producers join forces, while label regular Kosmetiq and London's Neutrinos supply the remix

Okay so hands up, we're a bit late on this one… mainly because yours truly is an idiot, and having promised the label a review, promptly filed the EP in the wrong folder. But a promise is a promise, and besides, Sarangi is just too damn good to go unremarked!

It's the A-side's Original Mix that's the killer to these ears. Regular readers will have twigged by now that I'm a sucker for house tracks that look to India and the Middle East for inspiration, and Sarangi is the perfect example of why, as a chanted chorus, haunting female wails and sarangi flourishes (a sarangi being, roughly, a short-necked sitar) go head-to-head with a Korg M1-style bass synth/organ line straight outta the mid-90s house playbook. If you can sit still to this, I'm frankly not sure I want to know you…

Meanwhile on the B, Kosmetiq and Neutrinos (AKA Simon Lawrence) tone down the Indian influences a little and swap out the M1 line for something altogether more understated. The resulting remix will, in all honesty, probably pick up more spins than the A out in the real world, particularly on prog/tech-leaning floors – and it deserves to, because it is eminently playable. But for sheer joie de vivre alone – never mind that killer bass groove! – the A's the one for me.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 15 November


Review Score: 8




Tags: Sure Player, SP Recordings, Andrew Galea, Chelsea Singh, deep house, Indo-house