2018 Nov 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Dead Space and Devon James & Aylen

US-born Chris Tolan is an emerging DJ/producer in the NYC house scene, and with tracks of this calibre coming from his studio it's no surprise that he's making a solid reputation for himself.

This release comes with two original cuts, the first of which is Burn itself. It starts with a crisp relentless percussion loop that's added to by diva-esque female vocals which raise in volume as a funky bassline kicks in, along with sirens that add to the intensity of the track as it gets going (at quite a pace), with the bassline as the lead sound. Later there's a male vocal added which works well, and the track is a great opener. The second track is called Choose Me and again features a distinctive bassline, along with a full soulful female vocal line which is well sung and produced.

Remix-wise you get one a-piece. Dead Space's take on Burn is a grandiose affair with lots of crazy sounds in the mix and risers a-plenty, making it uplifting to the max and a real dancefloor destroyer. Then you have Devon James & Aylen’s remix of Choose Me, which is more laidback but has a crisp, futuristic techy sound to it with the vocal taking centre-stage.

All four are accomplished tracks and all four will be played by yours truly at some point over the coming months, as this really is a quality package that's well worth hunting down.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 16 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: Chris Tolan, Country Club Disco, Dead Space, Devon James & Aylen, house