2018 Mar 25     
2 Bit Thugs

Italian producer Gasparini serves up two heavyweight dubwise cuts

This writer is a big fan of German label dub.sphere's brand of deep, dubby, minimal techno generally... but with this latest release from Italian producer Claudio Gasparini, they've truly excelled themselves.

There's just the two tracks on offer. On the A is Spirit Radio itself, which is essentially nine minutes of a gently fluttering synth riff and muted drums, augmented by a constantly evolving palette of micro sounds and drenched throughout in reverb and other space-y FX. It's definitely one for the sofa - or the flotation tank! - rather than the dancefloor, but you'll struggle to find a finer example of the style this week. And the B-side's Claroscuro is every bit as good. It opens with sparse, twitchy drums and some understated, almost hesitant-sounding bass throbs; then, as the track progresses, the full dub bassline joins the party, along with more of those trippy FX and freaky lil' sonic glitches. It's pretty similar in feel to Spirit Radio but that wee bit livelier - making this the pick for dancefloor play, though I still wouldn't recommend dropping it down your local Ritzy's. 

Put together, the two add up to a stunning release that dub techno connoisseurs will not want to miss.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 19 March


Review Score: 9




Tags: Claudio Gasparini, dub.sphere, dub techno, deep techno, minimal