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Clean your vinyl the 70s way

Denmark's AM Cleansound reissues classic vinyl cleaning products

2017 Apr 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Range consists of cleaning fluid, carbon-fibre brushes and more

With the resurgence of interest in vinyl in recent years, the number of people who are in search of quality products to keep their precious black wax in pristine condition is also on the rise.

At least, that's what Danish company AM Cleansound clearly believes. The Copenhagen-based company, which specialises in hi-tech cleaning products for audio equipment, has just announced that it's reissuing its original range of vinyl cleaning accessories from the 70s.

The range consists of a vinyl cleaning brush, record cleaning fluid, a stylus brush and cleaner, anti-static equipment wipes, a cassette cleaner and tapehead cleaning fluid, and an anti-static record mat. All the items are available separately, with prices starting a £9.99. A 'starter pack' consisting of 45ml of vinly cleaning fluid, a lint-free cloth, a record brush and stylus cleaner is also available, priced £19.99.

For full details, see the company's website.





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