2020 Dec 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Newcastle's Col Lawton returns to Oscar Barila's label

Newcastle lad Col Lawton returns to Oscar Barila's Cyanide Records here with a two-tracker that'll appeal to those who like their deep house smooth-flowing and garage-tinged.

On the A you've got In My Soul itself, which marries shuffling drums and an understated bassline to space-y synth sweeps, tinkling keys and some almost Orb-ish ambient/atmospheric sounds, all topped periodically with a repeating, plainitive "in my soul" falsetto vocal.

Flip it for Yeah Yeah, which has a roughly similar MO – the garage-y swing is if anything even more pronounced here, and there are more of those funny little birdsong-like sounds – but this time rocks two different vocal elements, a male one that appears to be just saying "love" over and over again, plus the playground "yeah yeah" chant that gives the track its title.

There's no great reinvention of the wheel going on here, admittedly – in fact those Orb-y noises give the two tracks an almost early 90s kinda feel. But lovers of trad-style deep house grooves will be more than satisfied, trust.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 18 December



Review Score: 8




Tags: Col Lawton, Cyanide Records deep house, deep garage