2017 Mar 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Markus Schulz dons his Dakota hat for this collab with Rotterdam's Groeneveld

A meeting of musical minds here, in the form of a collaboration between legendary producer Markus Schulz - using his nom de plume Dakota - and Koen Groeneveld, of Spinnin Records’ techno offshoot Abzolut. Together, they have crafted something rather special.

Mota-Mota starts off with a dull thud of a bass drum and a one-note bassline, then deftly warps and twists its way into a tune that is more techno than trance with an open hi-hat, muted robotic handclaps and a one-note synth pad that adds tension... not that it needs it, as it's highly charged and atmospheric enough already! There are added odd synth stabs that come more into play in the breakdown, which is minimal and ends with the obligatory snare roll before plunging into the second movement. Here we find fingerclicks and added synth riffs, with the one-note synth pad getting louder and moved to the forefront of the mix to really amp it up. It finally breaks down into the kickdrum-led outro and finishes at a length of 8 minutes and 15 seconds. Not that it it seems lengthy or overblown when it's being played: it's the purest example of 'less is more' that I’ve heard for a long time.

It's a record for the bravest and boldest DJs, that know how to really play a crowd, and in the right place, at the right time, is sure to usher forth utter dancefloor devastation... a rare thing with so much formulaic music around right now!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Markus Schulz, Dakota, Koen Groeneveld, Coldharbour Recordings