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Dave Clarke: "Mark Lanegan is pure pro to the core"

More details on new single 'Charcoal Eyes'

2017 Aug 24     
2 Bit Thugs

Due on 27 October, 'Desecration Of Desire' will be Dave Clarke's first album in 14 years

14 years after Dave Clarke’s second album Devil’s Advocate, his third LP Desecration Of Desire will drop via Skint on October 27. A deeply personal affair that expresses Clarke’s widest tastes and influences, the label was launched last week with new single Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) featuring cult Seattle singer and writer Mark Lanegan.

With Dave’s grainy textures and rough drive complementing Lanegan’s spoken word nightlife poetry perfectly, Charcoal Eyes follows a remarkable new collaboration with U.N.K.L.E earlier this year (Looking For The Rain) and sets us up for a second collaboration on Clarke’s album entitled Monochrome Sun

“Mark Lanegan has been on my playlist for so many years,” writes the White Noise broadcaster in the sleeve notes from the forthcoming album. “From QOTSA to Gutter Twins, to his stunning version of the Bond Song You Only Live Twice, so to have him in my studio to do my first attempt at writing lyrics on Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) was a bit of a mind-blowing moment, and for him to also bring Monochrome Sun to the table was a bonus. Our collaboration was very quick as the guy is pure pro to the core. We even managed to sneak into a Trentemøller show whilst on the clock.”

Lanegan isn’t the only collaborator on Desecration Of Desire. LOUISAHHH, Keith Tenniswood, Gazelle Twin, Mt Sims and Anika all play key roles in an album that appears to be Clarke’s most honest creative body of work to date.

“It is bizarre that this feels like my first album even though it is actually my third,” he writes. “Archive One was a collection of singles with some tracks added after three singles had already been released and Devil’s Advocate came at a stressful time of my life that unfortunately forced me heavily behind schedule. The record label gave me (necessary) pressure to get things back on track, I did enjoy making it, but it also felt a bit forced. Desecration on the other hand was started from scratch with myself as the timekeeper and A&R. I decided to write it as I would a book, so the track order you have was also the order in which they were also written, like chapters. That is something I always wanted to do, in fact it has been on my mind since album two.”

Elsewhere in the sleeve notes, Clarke also points out that no vocal pitch manipulation was involved in the making of Desecration Of Desire and, in his thanks to the label, he explains that "not once was I pressured or changed, the album you hear is straight from me, no meddling."

23 years after his seminal Red 1 release, and over 30 years since he began his career as a hip-hop DJ, Desecration Of Desire is shaping up to be one of Clarke’s most exciting creative projects to date. Full tracklist and pre-order details below. 

Dave Clarke - Desecration Of Desire

01. Exquisite
02. Is Vic There? (feat. LOUISAHHH)
03. Frisson (feat. Mt. Sims)
04. Plasmatic
05. Dot Forty One (Mute)
06. Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) (feat. Mark Lanegan)
07. Monochrome Sun (feat. Mark Lanegan)
08. Cover Up My Eyes (feat. Gazelle Twin)
09. I’m Not Afraid (feat. Anika)
10. Death Of Pythagoras







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