2018 Sep 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Label regular Davide Sonten comes up with the goods once more

Disposition is the latest release from the AILA lair and comes courtesy of Davide Sonten, who has proven himself to be something of a production powerhouse. 

The EP has two tracks, the first being the title track, which starts with a tom-tom roll then comes straight in with a programmed drum loop and a bassline. The style is pumping tech-house, which works well but sounds a little bit formulaic: there's the galloping bassline, the programmed drum hits, and then the two male vocal samples, the first saying "disposition" and the second "house music". There are some nice synth stabs in-between that give it an old school feel, and it's a very floor-friendly cut, but I can't help feeling it could be a little more imaginative in its approach. 

The second track, Sometimes, has a nice funky bassline and again a percussive loop driving it, but for me is more imaginative as the vocal samples give it an edge. Three of them are used to good effect here, two in the verse and another, which is sung, making up the chorus. There's also a nice siren in the chorus that gives it a lift.

If you're after some floor-friendly tech-house that will keep the crowd happy, this release is well worth a listen. It has all the right sounds in the right places and vocal hooks as well, though for my money Sometimes is the better track of the two.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 14 September



Review Score: 7




Tags: Davide Sonten, AILA Records, tech-house, tech house