2019 Nov 13     
2 Bit Thugs

1980 Recordings bring us a strutty, attitude-y EP that defies easy categorisation

Now here's an interesting one from Dan McKie's 1980 Recordings. While the label's best known for its chunky tech-house output, this offering from the Spanish-based duo of Dazzla & Ronny Clark is much harder to pin down stylistically, fusing elements of tech-house, big beat, hip-house, rave, disco and funk into one irresistibly danceable whole.

The Original Mix is up first, and is the rub that most obviously harks back to the big beat era with its lo-fi breakbeat and sampled rap vocal. There's a neat in sleazy funk geetar, too. You then get no fewer than four remixes to choose from. The Editr Remix is like a near-instrumental pass of the Original with added hand percussion, while Noble North get the pianos out and rework the track in late 90s Ibeefa kinda style. Steve Linney's rub harks back even further in time, with keys reminiscent of early 90s Italo-house and a rave hoover thrown in for good measure, while completing the EP is the Zifra Remix, which heads in a darker, more heads-down direction and would be the pick for tech-house floors.

The beauty of a track like this, though, is that it's so diverse in its inspirations that it's gonna come across as something of a curveball in just about any set you care to play it in. And catching 'em by surprise with a rumbuctious lil' rumpshaker outta leftfield never did any DJ any harm!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 8 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: Dazzla, Ronny Clark, 1980 Recordings, tech house, hip-house, big beat