2020 Apr 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Recnently revitalised UK label Bosh bring us a two-tracker that's definitely NOT formulaic snare roll tosh

If, like many people, you've had enough of formulaic tech-house-by-numbers these past few years, then do your ears a favour… get 'em around some tech-house of an altogether higher calibre! Such as, for example, this new EP from Ian 'Toka' Carney's Bosh Recordings – who are now back to life digitally, after closing their doors in 2005. 

Red Or Blue comes in two mixes. The Original is a midpaced little roller from the deeper end of the tech-house spectrum, with ominous bass stabs and one of the strangest vocals you'll hear all month – a pained-sounding snippet that's indecipherable to my ears but might be saying "candy flip". Or maybe "can we switch?", or something. Anyway, whatever it's saying, it says it over and over again. The accompanying Toka & Lee Walls Remix doesn't mess with the script too much, but the pair make the percussion a little more insistent and bring that weird vocal further to the fore, while adding a second (male, spoken) vocal all about "the fourth dimension" as well as some flute-like synth doodles.

The Remix nudges it for me here: there's just a little bit more going on, and that strange vocal – undoubtedly the track's defining element – cuts through more. But both rubs are plenty playable… and there's not a Pavlovian snare roll in sight!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Dean Church, Paul Compson, Bosh Recordings, Ian Carney, Toka, tech house, tech-house, Lee Walls