2018 Feb 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Italian duo Deepkeen help them serve up the jelly and ice cream

The label's motto says "people with Different Attitudes don't follow trends", and this EP is a case in point. It features two soulful house tracks and a remix of the second, and all three are sounding sumptuous. It's also a bit of a milestone for the Liverpool-based imprint, who are celebrating their fifth birthday.

And Deepkeen have done them proud with this release. First up is Get High itself, which starts with a swung percussion loop that's quickly joined by a flowing bassline and some electric piano chords, all in a laidback vibe that really sets the mood. There are male vocal samples and dreamy synth pads, and it's the sort of tune you'd want to listen to in the afternoon out on a sun-drenched terrace.

Next up is the original mix of So Long, which ups the tempo and comes at you with lush pads, shuffling percussion and a simple punchy bassline. There are female vocal samples and the tone is immersive. Finally you have Deepkeen’s Other Mix of So Long, a more spaced-out affair with choppy guitar licks, warm tones and the female vocal sample panned for maximum impact.

My favourite here is the remix of So Long: it has a real blissed-out feel to it, with all the sounds mixing perfectly together and rushing over you like a balmy summer wind. It's emotive and thoroughly charming, and is sure to make its way to the White Isle for many a play this season.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Deepkeen, Different Attitudes, deep house, soulful house