2018 Apr 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Canadian producer Demuir makes his first appearance on the San Diego label

Toronto's Demuir comes to Late Night Jackin' with an EP consisting of three original cuts in a total of six mixes.

First up is Forget It All, a loopy, filtered house jam with a chipmunk'd female vocal sample that a little bit of Googling tells me comes from... actually, we should perhaps be a bit circumspect here so I'll just say "Rochdale's finest" and leave it at that! Next comes Magique: Rewrite The Script. Sitting stylistically somewhere between filter disco and bumpin' west coast deep house, Maqique... is available in Original and Dub versions - so basically with or without the spoken French female vocal. Also coming in vocal and dub flavours is Clap: The Moment Of Enough, which is similar in style to Magique... but leans more towards the filter disco side, and which features a strident, spoken female vocal demanding there be "no more apologies".

But it's a case of saving the best till last here, because closing out the EP is the Greco NYC Remix of Forget It All. Opting for more urgent, toppy percussion accented in places by pounding tribal drums, then sprinkling some swirling Rhodes (?) sounds over the whole thing, this stripped-down and, er, jackin' pass will be sheer dynamite on the right floors.

All good, then, but it's the Greco NYC Remix that's the stone-cold killer.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 9 April


Review Score: 8




Tags: Demuir, Late Night Jackin', Greco NYC, house, deep house