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DiGiGrid: small but perfectly formed

New Desktop range of devices aimed at small studio spaces

2016 Apr 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Range consists of a headphone amp, two audio interfaces and a networkable power source

On display at the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt this week were the new Desktop range of devices from Surrey-based studio equipment manufacturer DiGiGrid.

First seen at NAMM in January but only now approaching a commercial launch, the Desktop range is made up of 'compact and bijou' devices that have been designed to keep clutter to a minimum, making them ideal for producers working in bedroom or project studios. There are four units in the range, which are simply called [Q], [D], [M] and [S]. So, running through them one by one...

DiGiGrid [Q] is a headphone amplifier measuring just 9cm3. It has both 3.5mm and 1/4-inch outputs and three inputs: RCA phono, XLR and Ethernet, and can also work via Bluetooth. DiGiGrid [M] is a basic audio interface in a matching 9cm3 case, with mic/line and instrument/line inputs, two outputs, 96kHz DSP and a built-in high-pass filter. The [M], it's suggested, is probably most useful for guitarists and other musicians as a simple recording input; perhaps more suitable for electronic music producers is DiGiGrid [D], its more fully-specced sister, which boasts four inputs and six outputs in a rectangular but still very compact case.

All of the above feature non-slip rubber feet and an optional mic stand adaptor, and all can be powered if you wish by Power over Ethernet (PoE), which brings us nicely to the slightly more esoteric DiGiGrid [S]. This is a PoE hub, again in a unit measuring 9x9x9cm, which has one (non-powered) Ethernet input and four powered (PoE) Ethernet outputs, making it easy to connect up different audio devices and have them all draw from a single power source.

No details have yet been announced on pricing, but the Desktop range should be going on sale very soon, so watch this space! For more information, see the DiGiGrid website.





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