2017 Jul 31     
2 Bit Thugs

It's also the very first release on his new label Smile & Stay High

DJ Cream is an Italian producer from Bologna. Like many from the university town he was bitten by the house bug at a young age, and here he unleashes a really rather tasty EP that blends house and hip-hop influences.

There are four cuts. First up is My Choice, which has a swung, percussive feel with bleeps, a one-note string line to keep the tension and a woolly, funky bassline, all of which add up to a fine backdrop for the main hook - a film sample about someone getting out of prison after a long sentence. Secondly we have In Da Archive, which starts with a breakbeat and builds with choppy percussion, a stabbing synth lead and brass stabs until the vocal kicks in, which this time is a rap sample repeating “give me one shot.” It's chunky, driving, and my favourite of the four tracks.

Number three is titled Sunday Track, which features some jazzy Fender Rhodes piano chords and little else; I have to say there are also some timing issues with the sampling of a breakbeat here that may make it hard to mix! Finally, the breakbeat-based Got My J features more jazzy chords, a sampled female voice saying what sounds like "1500", whispered male vocals and a muted sample of a train whistle.

This EP is all about sampling, which is an old school approach to making tracks these days but still an effective one! Its four tracks are tight and coherent (potential mixability issues regarding Sunday Track aside) and will definitely will sound different from the pack.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 1 August




Review Score: 7




Tags: DJ Cream, Smile & Stay High