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DJ Perly wins US DMC's

Becomes first woman to win the US championship

2017 Aug 13     
2 Bit Thugs

She will now represent the US at the World Championships on 1 October

This week, New York's DJ Perly became the first female DJ to win the US DMC title, and she will now go on to represent the USA in the World Champsionships, which are being held at KOKO in London on 1 October. Her prize for winning the US title was a Rane 72 mixer, which you can see her receiving above.

Perly previously won the NYC Regional Championship last year, again becoming the first female DJ to claim the title.

Speaking to HipHopDX about her victory, Perly said: "When I heard my name as the USA champ, I was surprised and just overwhelmed with joy. I was so overwhelmed I kinda lost feeling in my legs and dropped to the floor. That moment truly felt magical."

Asked about gender-based discrimination in the DJ world, she added: "“From what I know and experienced in the past is that some people just don’t think that women can do what the guys can. Some people just don’t want to see a woman kick ass and prove that women can do anything in this world... I applaud all those women who fight day in and day out to show and prove that this world is not a man’s world, and women can succeed in male-dominated fields. Women have the power and strength to move the world in a positive direction."

Pic: Christie Z





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