2017 Dec 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Sneak and Tripmastaz team up for a release on Doorly's Reptile Dysfunction

After a chance meeting at a gig this summer, Doorly enlists the services of DJ Sneak for a release on his Reptile Dysfunction label - and the results are a sleazy house triumph.

First up is Sneak & Tripmastaz’ Booty Ho. It's an unconventional track from the off, with a booming percussive intro and the line “Where's your computer? In your booty, ho” repeated throughout, with claps and a great 303 line which fades in about halfway through. There are also wood blocks and other off-the-wall percussion that come in and out of play. Next comes Sneak Attacks, which is by Sneak on his own and features many panned male vocal samples, a galloping bassline, synth stabs and a subtle acidic backbeat.

Then there's Doorly’s Rub For The Club of Booty Ho, which deconstructs the track and starts with the “where's your computer?” line over an acidic background, with sci-fi synth stabs and elements of the original track. It then answers with the “in your booty, ho” line. It's techier than the original and for me works better. Finally you have DJ Sneak’s Tripmastaz Edit of Beat Freakin, a housier cut which kicks off with a percussive breakbeat, whoops and funky guitar licks, then builds into a smooth groover with muted female vocal samples and swung breakbeat percussion. Oh, and you also get Doorly's Acid N Whistles Acapella Tool of Booty Ho, which is self-explanatory!

Picking a favourite just isn't going to happen here, as all of the tracks are just sublime. For that reason it gives me no other choice but to score it a full 10 out of 10. Expect to hear a lot of this one over the coming months!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 1 December



Review Score: 10




Tags: DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, Reptile Dysfunction, Doorly, house