2020 Aug 05     
2 Bit Thugs

DJOKO makes his Rawsome Deep Recordings debut, Archie Hamilton remixes

Johannes Kolter, better known to househeads as DJOKO, comes to Rawsome Deep, the new sub-label launched earlier this year by New York's Rawsome Recordings to focus on, fairly obviously, deeper shades of house.

It's a simple affair, with just the one track presented in two contrasting but equally fine mixes. In the red corner, we have DJOKO's Original, an energetic affair driven along straight off the blocks by a hefty, sinuous bassline which the man from Cologne tops with shimmering synths and the occasional flash of strings while the drums go lollopy-lollop underneath. Ain't nothin' but a groove, as they say… but what a phat-arsed rumpshaker of a groove it is!

And in the blue corner, there's a remix from Londoner Archie Hamilton. His rub has an extended beatless intro and brings the synths further to the fore, tricking you into expecting A.N.Other cookie-cutter "melodic" remix, then grabs you by the jugular as, bang on the two-minute mark, he unleashes a killer 90s-style Korg M1 line. And, unless I'm very much mistaken, dancefloor devastation to match.

Not picking a fave here, because both rubs are eminently playable and either one will rock deep house floors for sure.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 7 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: DJOKO, Rawsome Deep, Archie Hamilton, deep house