2017 Mar 14     
2 Bit Thugs

The Cologne producer comes to UK label NastyFunk; label boss Erik Christiansen and Waitz remix

The press release says this tune is a "meaty piece of peak-time tech meets house". As vague as that description sounds, it is actually a fairly accurate assessment of what we have here, because this record kind of balances on the fence between house and tech-house... and does so while sounding rather fine!

The first track is DJOKO’s Original Mix, which starts with choppy percussion and introduces odd sounds that give it a quirky, techy feel until the female vocal sample and bassline kick in. From here on in it becomes a ruff, funky track with lots of other crazy samples added as it builds into a total dancefloor destroyer. The Waitz Remix is more on a house tip, with a swung backbeat and a lot less samples in play, and the bassline at the forefront of the mix. Then finally you have the Erik Christiansen Remix, where the label boss takes the track into deeper house territory with another chunky bassline and sung female chants saying “yeah”. There's also less of the organised chaos of the original mix - apart from in the breakdown, where admittedly it goes a little crazy, but to very good effect!

This release is unashamedly hard to pigeonhole and that's very refreshing, as what you get are three great mixes that would fit into many different DJ sets. They'll certainly be in mine for the foreseeable future, with the original being my favourite.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 24 April


Review Score: 8




Tags: DJOKO, NastyFunk Records, Erik Christiansen, Waitz, tech house, tech-house