2017 Jan 15     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP features two originals, plus remixes from Arado and The Deepshakerz

German producer dotSTRIPE releases his first full EP on Luxembourg-based Lauter Unfug. The EP comes fully loaded with two original tracks plus two phat remixes which take it to the next level.

The original mix of Give Yourself is a midtempo funk delight. with a prominent, natural-sounding bassline, syncopated percussion, jazzy piano stabs and sci-fi risers which make it one seriously tasty tune. Then there's an Arado Remix to get tucked into, which takes it on a more laidback path with icy percussion, sound explosions and a subtle one-note string line. The feel is more techy but still stays firmly on the house menu.

The second track, Girl, is a real juicy delight with delicate sub-bass, skippy percussion, stabbing pianos, conversation samples and a long, tasty breakdown which builds up to a sumptuous crescendo. There are minimal vocal samples and the track is a perfect appetiser for the Deepshakerz Remix, which is a chunky delight with distorted sounds, a lavish funky feel, lo-fi drums and messed-up vocals saying “don’t you ever stop... baby” (among other things) that really become part of the song's instrumentation and work a treat.

There is so much to get stuck into on this release and all of it is rich and full of aural flavours. My choice though has to be the Deepshakerz Remix, which is so damn tasty that you'll be left begging for more!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 30 January



Review Score: 9




Tags: dotSTRIPE, Lauter Unfug, Arado, The Deepshakerz, house