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Download the new single by Nude Disco & Heidrun

'Winter In The City' trails their forthcoming album

2016 Mar 14     
2 Bit Thugs

If synth-pop's your thing then you're going to love this sparkling little number

If the poppier end of nu disco and synth-pop are what floats your boat, we've got a track for you today that's right up your street.

Available now as a free download, Winter In The City is taken from a forthcoming (and as yet untitled) collaborative album by Icelandic singer Heidrun Anna Bjornsdottir and London outfit Nude Disco. The dual venture was, we're told, “born out of a shared love of 80’s European synth pop and delicate melancholic love songs.”

Listening to Winter In The City, we hear Buggles colliding with The Rah Band, but you can make your own minds up...

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