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Dr Octagon has a custom K-MIX console

Talk about a Kool Keith McMillen Instrument...

2018 Apr 18     
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Bespoke version of the audio interface and mixer used for live shows and new album

Back in 1996, Kool Keith's Dr Octagon album (also known as Dr Octagonecologyst) was the hottest thing in hip-hop. Now, Keith and producer Dan The Automator have revived the Dr Octagon project - and they're using a customised version of Keith McMillen Instruments' K-MIX console to do so.

The custom mixer was first used in the pair's live shows. "I have a large library of multitracks of albums and things that I’ve worked on over the years, and I wanted to find a way to actually mix multitracks into other multitracks and be able to break them down to the various elements," explains Dan The Automator. "Not like these little stem projects that have four stems or whatever, but full multitrack into full multitrack mixing, with the power to also manipulate and effect the tracks as I’m playing live."

The bespoke unit Dan ended up using was created with the help of DJ Hard Rich from The Glue Factory. He says: "We made a custom multitrack mixer using a K-MIX and a 10-point multi-touch screen with a Mac Mini’s guts mounted inside of it. It runs Logic Pro. For Dan’s set-up for the Octagon shows it’s only eight tracks, but we’ve tested it for his solo DJ set, some of which goes up to 32 tracks."

Satisfied with the unit's performance, Dan The Automator and Kool Keith then went on to use it in the recording of the first new Dr Octagon album in over 20 years, Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation, which landed in stores just over a week ago (and which also features Qbert on scratch duties).

Sadly there are no plans to develop the customised hardware into a consumer product, but the standard model K-MIX can be yours for $579 from the Keith McMillen Instruments store.





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