2020 Apr 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Southampton producer Duece comes to fledgling London D&B imprint Eloisa Records

What we have here is only the second-ever release from Eloisa Records, a new London-based D&B label from the well-established Inperspective Music Group. Southampton producer Duece (note the spelling, and the EP title!) is the man at the controls. He's a relative newcomer himself, which makes the quality on display here all the more impressive.

Opener 12 Halflife is a deep, dark, broody affair that nods to halftime musically as well as in the title, while the reggae-tinged Let It Up reflects the current vogue in jump-up circles for deeper, bassier sounds rather than shrill, ear-piercing synth screeches – a very welcome development around these parts. Salisbury is a few notches tougher and operates in more 'traditional' jump-up pastures, but crucially still without getting all gnarly and stoopid about it, while completing the EP is Woo, which marries jump-up synths to the house-y overtones and light-on-their-feet rhythms of a kind more commonly associated with liquid funk.

To sum up then: a young producer on a new label, fusing the best elements of several different D&B genres on an EP that packs plenty of dancefloor punch but is musical enough for home listening, too. What's not to like?

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now




Review Score: 8




Tags: Duece, Eloisa Records, drum & bass, drum n' bass, D&B, DnB, D+B