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EarthQuaker Devices introduces the Transmisser

This is one for the sound designers

2016 Oct 02     
2 Bit Thugs

"This is not your everyday reverberation device," say EarthQuaker - and they're not wrong

With more and more dance/electronic music producers incorporating guitar FX pedals into their studio set-ups in unexpected ways, those of you with a penchant for innovative sound design may want to take a gander at the new Transmisser Resonant Reverberator, from pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices.

"The Transmisser is not your everyday reverberation device," reads the marketing blurb. "It does not do subtle. It does not do spring. It is the sonic recreation of blowing your signal to bits, shooting it through a black hole then beaming it back down on a cloud of cosmic dust." Which of course is so much marketing BS... except that in this case, as the video below shows, it would appear to be true!

The Transmisser is equipped with six rotary knobs. Decay will be self-explanatory for most but, just to be clear for any newbies reading this, determines how long reverb trails last. Darkness controls the tone of the reverberated signal. Freq controls a resonant filter that determines which frequency bands are effected, and can be controlled by an expression pedal (for which there's a dedicated jack on the left of the unit). Warp is described as a "system slew control" - turn it counter-clockwise and the decay becomes longer and warmer. Rate "controls the speed of the system-wide modulation in a narrow range that creates a sound far more unique than a simple modulated reverb," and finally Mix is your standard wet/dry control.

Hand-built in Akron, Ohio, the Transmisser is available now, priced £220 approx. For more info, see the EarthQuaker Devices website.






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