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EHX Mini-Synth now in app form

An 80s classic on your iPhone for £2.99

2016 Jul 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Also available for iPad, though that'll set you back slightly more at £4.99

When Electro Harmonix launched the Mini-Synthesizer back in 1980, it was one of the first ultra-compact portable synths in existence. Equipped with a membrane keyboard (similar to those found on its contemporaries in the computing world, the Sinclair ZX-80 and ZX-81), it was basic in the extreme, boasting just a single VCO and an unusual four-slider analog filter, but still found its way onto recordings by Jean-Michel Jarre and Van Halen, among others.

Now you can own a virtual recreation of this quirky little piece of studio history, as Electro Harmonix has just brought out the Mini-Synthesizer app for iOS devices. As the video below shows, the app actually expands on the capabilities of the original hardware, with a larger keyboard and polyphony (the original was monophonic) among the key improvements.

The iPad version costs £4.99, while the iPhone/iPod touch version is just £2.99, and for that price it's almost rude not to! And if you're an Android user? Fear not - Electro Harmonix assures us that the Mini-Synthesizer app will be coming to the Google Play store from October...

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