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Elektron announces Digitakt drum machine

The Swedish manufacturer goes digital!

2017 Jan 22     
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Details are still quite patchy, but here's what we know...

Swedish manufacturer Elektron recently discontinued its popular Machinedrum, leaving the Analog Four as the only beats-making device in the company's line-up. Not for long, though, because at this week's NAMM show in Anaheim, California, Elektron was showing off its new digital drum machine, the Digitakt.

Or at least, it was showing off a non-working prototype. The Digitakt - a departure for a company better known for its analogue hardware - will feature eight audio channels, each with a multimode filter and assignable LFO, and eight MIDI channels. It's got an onboard sequencer, 64MB of sample memory and 1GB of internal storage, a USB port, two audio ins and two audio outs (both on 1/4-inch jacks), and onboard Reverb and Delay.

Oh, and an LED screen. And that's about all we can tell you so far, except that it's expected to launch some time in late spring/early summer.

More details when we have them!





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