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Embertone wants to sax you up

Introducing Sensual Saxophone for iOS

2017 Jan 08     
2 Bit Thugs

A virtual saxophone app for music-makers on the move

North Carolina, USA-based virtual instrument maker Embertone, in association with Vietnam's Blue Magoo, has launched Sensual Saxophone for iOS. Embertone's first foray into the iOS world is essentially an iPhone-ified version of the company's existing Kontakt instrument of the same name, and claims to be the first virtual sax on iOS to include "true legato" samples.

It's also undoubtedly the first to feature a great big knob (oo-err missus) slap bang in the middle of the interface labelled 'Sex'. As far as we can make out, this is a wet-dry control (stop it now), but thankfully it's not the only control the app has to offer. Indeed, with user-controllable Reverb, Vibrato and Delay (each featuring two adjustable parameters), plus a choice of legato, sustain and staccato playing styles, the app seems pretty versatile, especially when you factor in the mod wheel and the ability to switch to a double-width keyboard. And especially when you realise that you can hook it up to any leading DAW, where it'll be recognised as an AU instrument. And especially when you consider the very reasonable asking price of just £3.99!

So if you fancy adding a little Careless Whisper-esque cheesy 80s sax to your next musical creation, Sensual Saxophone is available for iPad and iPhone now via the iTunes store, though do note you'll need to be running at least iOS 9.0 to use it.





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