2020 Jan 26     
2 Bit Thugs

The owner of Puerto Rico's Proper Slap Recordings steps up with a five-track EP

Puerto Rican producer and Proper Slap Recordings boss Emiliano Martini comes to the mighty Lucidflow with a five-track EP that blurs the boundaries between deep house, deep tech and minimal nicely.

Up first is Swings In Nature, credited to Emiliano Martin & CJ Does, a midpaced deep house groover laden with aquatic sounds and a warping synth drone that plays throughout… one for the warm-up or very late play. Art Of Noise itself sits more comfortably in the corner marked 'deep tech' with its fat squelchy bassline and more of those lingering synth tones, while straight-up minimalism comes in the form of Night Sky, a twitchy, glitchy affair with a looping female vocal snippet and, like Art Of Noise, a vaguely disquieting air overall. Remote Places finds us back in late-night deep house territory and sports some distinctive drum patterns with tripled (?) beats, while completing the EP is Rhythm Translator, a percussion-led cut with acidic bleeps that veers closest of the five towards tech-house territory.

There's no one track here that really grabs you by the throat, if I'm being brutally honest… but the EP as a whole makes for an enjoyable listen and showcases an impressive versatility, so it's one to check all the same.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 20 January


Review Score: 8




Tags: Emiliano Martini, Lucidflow, CJ Does, deep house, deep tech, minimal