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Equalising Music take over Printworks

Starring The Black Madonna, Peggy Gou and more

2018 Sep 20     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Smirnoff Equalising Music' party takes place on Saturday 13 October

Smirnoff is taking its 'Equalising Music' campaign, an initiative to encourage greater gender equality in electronic music, to London's Printworks on 13 October - and a rather impressive line-up they've put together for the event too.

In the Press Halls, The Black Madonna [pictured], Artwork, Peggy Gou and Honey Dijon headline, joined by Mella Dee, HAAi and Grainger. Meanwhile in the Dark Room there's a chance for more up-and-coming talent to shine, with the line-up of Alexis, Catalina, Eva Crystaltips, Jade Cox, Jaguar, Jay Carder, Kiia and Trudy Knight - all of whom are being mentored by some of the bigger names involved in the Equalising Music programme.

The party runs from 10am till 11pm. For ticketing info and more details about the campaign generally, visit the Equalising Music website.

Pic: Aldo Paredes





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