2017 Jul 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Label main man Erick Christiansen shows us just why he's the boss...

NastyFunk Records boss Erik Christiansen has come up trumps here, with a tasty four-track EP of tech-house goodness.

The first track, Popcorn Sushi itself, starts with a percussive intro and female vocal samples, then adds a funky bassline and builds with a sampled male vocal and some other vocal meanderings into a fast-flowing, funk-fuelled tech-house bomb. The second track is called Freak (2 The Groove), and is a minimal affair with deep male vocals repeating the title over a spun-out backbeat. Next comes Dutty Dutty, which brings the funk back with another drum-fuelled intro and a single string note to build tension until the funky-ass b-line kicks in and really lifts the track. There are male spoken samples again, and this one is another real floor-filler.

The fourth and last track is titled IBIGTF and starts off with a thudding kickdrum, which is dusted with intricate percussion and a snare roll and string line that take you to another killer bassline that again is the track’s powerhouse. There are various female samples - like the title, I haven’t got a clue what they mean, but it doesn't matter as it just adds to the quality of the EP.

This is one of those releases that is danceability personified, with three out of the four tracks going straight onto my USB for a right royal caning for the rest of the summer! It's all about the groove here, and in my book that's what makes for a great tech-house release.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 17 July



Review Score: 9




Tags: NastyFunk, Erik Christiansen, tech house, tech-house