2019 Jan 23     
2 Bit Thugs

Berlin veteran Eva Be showcases her housier side

Technics launching new a SL-1200 and labels of the calibre of Poker Flat putting out vinyl-only releases again suggest the future of the vinyl-playing DJ is looking brighter than it has for years! This three-track EP from Eva Be is one such release. It comes out of Berlin, where she was and is a key figure in the development of the city's underground club culture as well as being a highly talented DJ/producer. 

This EP showcases her mastery of house music and kicks off with Delight, a builder with crisp percussion, vocal samples and a great retro hook that harks back to the days of electro, along with a cool bassline that underpins the track perfectly. The second cut on Side A is called Breathe, and starts with a kick and solitary hi-hat hit, then brings in the vocal sample ("breathe") and some great sci-fi FX as the track progresses. It's cool and understated, and would be perfect for a late-night set when the dancers are really locked into the DJ’s groove. 

On the B-side you'll find Pills, an uptempo number with a clickety-click drum pattern, with the odd breakbeat thrown in for good measure. Pills has a great dubby lead line and features an excellent vocal sample about DJs taking pills and DJing for seven days straight, which is a hook and a half! A second, random sample also comes in every now and then, saying "fuck me".

All three tracks are strong on this one but my favourite has to be Pills.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 25 January



Review Score: 8




Tags: Eva Be, Poker Flat Wax, house