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EXCLUSIVE! 'Found Love' by David Morales pres Blind Colors

iDJ is delighted to bring you the first airing of Morales's latest project

2016 Jan 29     
2 Bit Thugs

Full release comes with mixes from R&D and Sami Dee as well as the tattooed beat messiah himself

It's nearly the weekend, and to get you in the party mood, iDJ proudly presents the world premiere of Found Love by Blind Colors, the new project of NYC house legend David Morales.

As you'll hear, the track leans heavily on Third World's soulful 1978 reggae classic Now That We've Found Love for inspiration. Call it a remake, call it an homage, or just call it an uplifting slice of feel-good vocal house that's sure to bring a smile to dancers' faces... it's entirely up to you.

Presented here is the Radio Edit, but the full release comes with six releases, namely:

1. David Morales Classic Mix
2. David Morales Disko Mix
3. R&D Klub Vox
4. R&D Klub Dub
5. R&D Searching Dub
6. Sami Dee's 67 East 3rd St Remix.

R&D, it should be noted, are none than UK house stalwart Ricky Morrison (of M&S and The Girl Next Door fame) alongside partner-in-crime David Anthony. The vocal on Found Love, meanwhile, comes from Melonie Daniels Walker, a very accomplished singer who spent 10 years doing vocal arrangements and backing vocals for Mariah Carey, no less.

The single's out a week on Monday (8 February) but for now, enjoy this exclusive premiere.





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