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EXCLUSIVE! 'MMXVII' by ELboy80 & Melodic Jaye

Track comes from the 'Outbreak' EP, out 17 March

2017 Feb 25     
2 Bit Thugs

Today's track premiere comes courtesy of Odd Realm Records

Yet another great exclusive track premiere today as iDJ proudly presents MMXVII by new UK duo ELboy80 & Melodic Jaye, taken from the forthcoming Outbreak EP which drops on Odd Realm Records on 17 March.

The rest of the EP is made up of Dumb Katz, a moody, grinding tech affair augmented by horrorshow synths, and the bass-y acid squelch of Sassy. But the track we've picked for you is a no-nonsense chugger that's dark, foreboding and tailor-made for those locked-on 3am moments.

See what you think...

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