2018 Jan 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Tuff City Kids provide the obligatory remix of this reissued cut

Blaze first saw the light of day on a four-track compilation by Fabio Vanore (formerly known as Fabio Montana) titled Four Miles To Amsterdam #3. Now it gets a re-release in re-edited form, complete with a remix by Tuff City Kids.

First up is Fabio Vanore’s original mix, which starts with the bassline and a percussive loop and slowly builds with the addition of a pulsing synth line and hi-hats. It's a bit of a chugger that locks you in the groove while subtle changes occur to the track, which is quite laidback and very cerebral and fine-drawn. There's a breakdown of sorts that strips back some of the main sounds and focuses just on the synth riff, with odd rhythmic sounds subtly appearing in the soundscape. The track's low BPM really make you focus on the delicate changes as they happen, and the overall effect is very soothing.

The Tough City Kids Remix kicks off with the main synth riff and is added to with claps, snare rolls and a bassline. Again, it's all very subtle and cerebral, with a slow-paced feel that really focuses your mind on the juxtaposition between minimal and house grooves. There is a long breakdown where the drums are removed and the synth lines are solo'd to good effect.

I don’t actually remember hearing the original version in its previous incarnation, but these two are both pleasant tracks, though I would have to say the remix is doing more for me than the first versione. If you like it deep and trippy, this should suit your tastes perfectly.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 8 January



Review Score: 7




Tags: Fabio Vanore, Incroyable Music, Tuff City Kids, deep house, minimal