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FABRICLIVE: Q1 schedule revealed

Room hosts include V Recordings, Mungo's Hi Fi, Skibadee and more

2018 Nov 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Full details of line-ups will be announced closer to the time

fabric have announced the schedule of FABRICLIVE events for Q1 2019, although exact details of line-ups are still being kept under wraps for now.

Some of the more eye-catching events include a V Recordings night on 8 February, the launch party for Outlook London 2019 on 22 March and a special celebration of legendary D&B MC Skibadee's 25 years in the game on 29 March. But you can read the full calendar below - and we'll bring you full details when we have them!

Friday 11 January
Room 1: Jungle Mania
Room 2: AudioPorn
Room 3: Visionobi presents…

Friday 25 January
Room 1: Spearhead
Room 2: Sun & Bass
Room 3: Rupture

Friday 8 February
Room 1: V Recordings
Room 2: Philly Blunt
Room 3: Soulvent Recordings

Friday 22 February
Room 1: Curated by Caspa
Room 2: Shadow Demon Coalition
Room 3: Shitty Dubstep

Friday 8 March
Room 1: Mungo's Hi Fi
Room 2: BBS
Room 3: Brunswick Sound

Friday 22 March
Room 1: Outlook London Launch Party
Room 2: Outlook London Launch Party
Room 3: Infernal Sounds

Friday 29 March
Room 1: 25 Years Of Skibadee
Room 2: 25 Years Of Skibadee
Room 3: 25 Years Of Skibadee

Pic: Danny Seaton





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